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Wow! This bundle has three products to help you create your own stunning photos!

Over 280 Presets

  • Gallery & Publishing Certified: Over 70 photos are in galeries made with these presets
  • 7 years in making: Get pro retouching on your photos
  • ​Boost your creativity: Get incredible Looks for your photos
  • ​Save Time: One click to get a full retouch done, more time to take photos
  • ​Award Winning: Won the State of California Challenge with these presets
  • ​$395 Value

      13 Video Training Courses

      • Three install videos: I show how to install on ALL versions of Lightroom
      • ​Understand the workflow: I show using one click and couple of adjustment how to retouch all type of photos
      • Get PRO results in a few hours, by watching this workflow you will improve dramatically overnight
      • ​Boost your instagram: Get a pro feed and boost your following
      • ​$49 value

      The Best Landscape Course Online. Period.

      • Understand the best setting for landscape
      • What composition will make your work look PRO
      • Best settings for photographing the sun
      • Use PhotoPills app to prepare your shoot
      • The best workflow for Blue hour photography
      • ​HDR photography settings up your camera, shooting and retouching
      • ​Panorama workflow
      • ​Astrophotography quick-start
      • ​49 videos, beginner level
      • ​$147 value

      Here is what you are going to get!

      • Signature Presets: Over 280 Presets! $395 value!
      • Preset Training: 13 Exclusive Videos! $49 value!
      • ​Landscape Masterclass: Over 7 hours of video training and 49 lessons! $147 value!
      • ​Over $591 in total value for this bundle!!

      One time bundle offer, today just $27

      If you leave this page, this offer is gone for good. This is a one time offer.

      This Bundle Includes: 5 Serge Ramelli Signature Presets Packs including over 280 presets separated into the Special Effects Pack, Signature Everyday Natural Pack, Portrait Essentials Pack, Film Look Pack, & Wedding Photography Pack. The Landscape Masterclass includes 49 lessons and over 7 hours of video training. The Preset Training includes a course with 13 videos on how I use my presets in Lightroom to create amazing photos. They will help you create your own stunning photos faster and easier than ever before.

      Here is what is included in the bundle:

      Signature Series Presets Collection

      5 Packs With Over 280 Presets

      Field With Boring Sky Before

      Field With Dramatic Sky After

      Long Exposure Before

      Long Exposure After

      Sunset Before

      Sunset After

      Golden Hour Before

      Golden Hour After

      Blue Hour Before

      Blue Hour After

      Urban One Before

      Urban One After

      Preset Training Course

      In 13 courses, we are going to go into detail on how I process photos with the following photography: Daylight, Golden Hour, Sunset, Blue Hour, Long Exposure, Black & White, and Portrait. Here is a sneak peek of the course:
      Lightroom Classic Install
      How to install Lightroom Classic on the Creative Cloud
      Older Versions of Lightroom
      How to install on older versions of Lightroom
      Lightroom CC
      How to install in Lightroom CC
      Golden Hour Photos
      How to use and fine tune the Golden Hour Presets
      Blue Hour Photos
      How to retouch blue hour photos
      Long Exposure Photos
      How to retouch long exposure photography
      Special Effects
      I will show some crazy day to night and popular Instagram looks
      Daylight Photos
      How to retouch daylight photos
      Sunset Photos
      How to use presets on sunset photos
      Night Photos
      How to retouch night photography
      Dramatic Black & White
      How to make dramatic Black & White Ansel Adams style
      Bad Weather & Hollywood Look
      How to transform your bad weather photos with the Hollywood look
      We will go throughout the 3 packs of portrait presets: Analog, Portrait, and Wedding

      Landscape Masterclass

      My Most Comprehensive Landscape Course To Date






      Lightroom CC & Photoshop


      7 Hours 27 Minutes

      Venice Before

      Venice After

      Dark Landscape Before

      Bright Landscape After

      Faded Sky Before

      Vivid Sky After

      "This award winning bundle is the result of over 7 years of experience, and I use them in my everyday photography workflow. It will save you time and will get you closer to the result you want in one click."

      One Time Offer


      Read How My Presets And Courses Are Helping Other Photographers

      "I just wanted to let you know I have downloaded three of your tutorials now. They have been so helpful and very educational with simple terms, and I have learned a great deal about photoshop... Thank you for making these and I hope you continue to make more!"

      -Chris Kelly,

      First off I want to say thanks for you amazing tutorials. I have watched every one you have on YouTube and really have learned alot about LR from you. Thanks so much!


      Recently, I won a first place award in the 2019 Franklin County (OH, USA) Metro Parks Print contest. I used Lightroom and your preset, Day Linear Circle light, to prepare the image for the contest.

      Robert Yorde,
      Columbus, OH

      Easy Install

      Purchase includes an easy to follow, step by step installation video for Windows and Mac.

      From Around The World

      These preset collections are built from Serge's actual photos from around the world.

      100% No Questions Guarantee

      If you are not satisfied, Serge will give your money back within 30 days. Guaranteed.


      Fully compatible with Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC, Lightroom Mobile and older versions of Lightroom such as Lightroom 4, 5 and 6.  
      Questions or Concerns? Email